Acuity Business Advisors is uniquely equipped to provide diverse services to serve customer needs in the areas of business development, business operations improvement through analyses and technology support, management solutions, and internal and external communications.

Acuity Business Advisors specializes in the implementation of the proposed solutions in partnership and in cooperation with company professionals for sustained optimal results.

A summary of services that ABA excels in each of the above areas is given below.

Business Development

Business development is the creation of long-term value for an organization including its employees, customers, markets, community through effective internal and external communication improvement. A business of any kind is the sum of the people who work toward its success and growth. Maintaining effective and positive communication channels can make a world of difference in productivity, talent attraction, and retention.

Acuity Business Advisors is a close professional network of natural business connectors who are well-versed in serving a diverse client base through customized value-based solutions. We excel especially in the following areas:

  • Strategic business planning 

  • Growth strategy facilitation

  • Operational efficiency and improvement

  • Sales and leadership empowerment

  • Operational legacy/transition planning 

  • Conflict resolution


Operations Improvement & Analytics

Every business is characterized by a set of activities, tasks or operations. Interactions among these operations must be analyzed and improved for optimum performance of a business. Acuity Business Advisors has extensive experience in these tools and we're passionate about how we can use these applications for small and medium-sized businesses. We strongly believe in collaborative efforts between the business services providers and business managers to achieve sustainable improvement goals. We're equipped to use the following professionally accepted tools to achieve your business goals:

  • SIX-SIGMA principles

  • Time and motion studies, facilities design

  • Technology improvement alternatives through economic analysis

  • Principles of operations research

  • Simplified financial modeling

  • Data analytics

Management Solutions

Management Solutions is the operation of an organization from accounts, contracts, funding and cash flow points-of-view. Value implies long-term sustainability of a company with planned profitable growth. Our extensive experience in starting and nurturing businesses makes us an educator and trainer in technology implementation and gifted in building successful company growth. We have competency in the following areas:

  • Operational software assessment and repair/replacement 

  • Accounting and CRM platform migration

  • Internal CFO services and business auditing

  • Employee workshops

  • Industry trend assessments

  • Human relations

Communications & Marketing

In today's fast-moving, technology-focused environment, a business must consider how to build a dynamic range of communications internally and for customers. In the same way, not having a grasp or willingness to drive marketing is like cutting off the hand that holds your wallet. We're capable of developing successful plans and strategies that can set your business above your competitors. Acuity Advisors' professionals have worked in the advertising industry for over a decade, being highly-skilled at determining the best path for achieving the communication objectives for your business. We understand the necessity of bringing together diverse partners for fulfilling the fast-changing communications problems businesses face today.

  • Marketing and PR consulting and management

  • Advertising strategies and action plans

  • Internal/External corporate communications and relations

  • Online and offline reputation management

  • Marketing and advertising audits

  • Data analytics and performance measurement 

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